Online Marketing Agency vs Full Time Marketing Employee

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Are you ready to step up your marketing strategy? Or maybe you’re just starting up your business and are wondering what the best way to market yourself is. Whatever situation you’re in, there are two main options for you to choose from – you can either hire a marketing employee or team to work full time for you or you can outsource your marketing to an online marketing agency.

Each option has some pros and cons and will suit some businesses better than others, so let’s explore these to help you decide which is right for you.

Advantages of an online marketing agency

There are several advantages of having an online marketing agency take care of your marketing. One is that you have access to the expertise of numerous marketers. An agency may have an SEO expert, a content expert, a website designer, and more. It is unlikely that you’d find a single employee who ticks all of the same boxes.

Hiring an online marketing agency is also a big advantage if your marketing needs are not particularly extensive. If you are a small company or start-up, then you might not need someone dedicating 40 hours a week to your marketing. Instead, you can engage an agency’s services as and when you need them, allowing you to save money compared with paying a full-time marketing manager.

Another cost saving comes from the marketing tools you might need. An online marketing agency would likely already have access to all of the tools they need to support their clients. If you hire an in-house employee, then it would be down to you to pay the subscriptions fees for these sometimes expensive tools.

Advantages of a full-time marketing employee

One advantage of having a full-time marketer employed by your business is that they will be there in your office or down the hall whenever you need them during business hours. This means that if you have a question, feedback, or want to explain a task to them, they’re there. With a marketing agency, you would have to call or email them. Good marketing agencies are very responsive to their clients, but it depends whether you prefer to talk in person or are happy talking over the phone.

When it comes to traditional marketing strategies such as print marketing, an in-house employee would likely be more convenient as they are there in the office to handle all the physical marketing materials. Whereas, digital marketing activities can easily be done in-house or remotely via an agency.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences and requirements. However, online marketing agencies can provide you with cost savings and additional expertise. If you are interested in hiring the services of a digital marketing agency, contact us for more information about our services.