6 Reasons to use a Social Media Manager

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Every company can benefit from hiring an agency to handle their social media needs. Many business owners scatter the responsibilities across the workforce and this overwhelms employees and cuts back on productivity. These six reasons highlight why your company needs a social media manager so you can focus on the things you’re good at, like running your business.

1. Represent Your Company Across the Web

A social manager is your company’s representative when it comes to your online presence. They interact with your customers daily through messages and comments. A social media manager can make or break your business’s online presence, which is why it’s important to hire someone for this, instead of scattering the tasks across your workforce.

2. Steady SEO Growth

A social media manager with SEO skills and other marketing attributes can contribute greatly to the steady growth of your business. They understand search algorithms and create high-quality content.

3. Attract New Customers

Most people today rely on the Internet to find new products or services that they are interested in. This is where a manager with a strong knowledge of social media marketing can help. Online promotions and campaigns are important for building awareness and attracting new customers.

4. Emphasis on Manager, Not Intern Companies think that hiring an intern, especially an unpaid one, to create a social media campaign can get them instant followers online. Growing an online presence is hard work and very time consuming. You get what you pay for and with a social media manager, you know you are getting an experienced professional with a proven track record.

5. The Workload Managing social media accounts can be overwhelming as it’s a year-round job. It is not something a business should take breaks from as it needs consistency and continuous engagement around your campaign. In all cases you need planned content and a maintenance schedule for each platform. Social media can be an integral part of search engines as people are looking for information all the time about products or services that companies offer.

6. Great Utilization of Marketing Budget

Most businesses want the “best bang for their buck” out of their budget. Online marketing costs approximately 60% less than traditional marketing yet generates four times as many leads. One of the largest factors to social media success is the communication that exists between the customers and social platforms, where traditional marketing sends the brand out without any engagement.

Social Media is easy to use but it is not simple if you want to be successful. If done properly, it should work seamlessly with other aspects of your marketing strategy. If you want to be successful, you need to hire a qualified social media manager or agency.